What we do

   Sugaring is an age old process that has roots in the Middle East. It's an all natural process of removing hair with "sugar paste" which is made up of 3 ingredients: sugar, water and lemon juice. There are 2 techniques for using sugar, one is the called the "hand technique" which is the most popular. And a more familiar stick and strip technique. MSC uses the stick & strip technique that was developed by combining what we knew about sugaring as well as what we knew about waxing. Giving you the best possible results with the least amount of pain. Half of the results are due to the actual sugar itself, and the other half is based on the technique we've perfected over the years. The difference between waxing and the MSC technique is that unlike waxing, sugaring goes against the hair growth when applied versus with the hair growth, and then it is removed in the direction of the hair growth. This process helps to prevent "breakage" of hair as it is removed. Sometimes with waxing hair will break just beneath the surface of the skin which can lead to ingrown hairs as well hair growing in faster than desired. It's great for all skin types, even the most sensitive of skin can handle being sugared.  We specialize in Brazilian Sugaring & bikini Sugaring.




Adrienne Cone


Adrienne has been in the beauty industry for 16 years, working in many different areas of the country. In June 2014 she started Midnight Sugar Co in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. After years of being frustrated not being able to find products to work for her or her clients needs, she took to making something that would. The mission of Midnight Sugar Co. is to provide  the best possible service to their clients.  She now practices Sugaring in Bend, Oregon.